Day 8: Köln to Düsseldorf

On to Düsseldorf!

(Sunday, June 10, 2018)

Nice day for a ride – it rained pretty heavily last night in Köln, which cooled down the temperature, but made me worried it would be rainy all day. Humid? Warm? Yes. Rain? No.

Nice rural countryside areas between Köln and Düsseldorf as the Rhine meanders towards the North Sea. Saw a lot of bicyclists today as well as a few equestrians.

Stopped briefly at the preserved medieval town of Zons. The entire town is a historical site and all the

Solar panels on a medieval house.

buildings are on the German version of the National Register of Historic Places. It is a living town, not a museum, but I gathered from the docent that the ¨Bürgers¨(Citizens) of the town are restricted in what they can do with the houses. However, I did spy a solar array on the top of one house. Trippy: A medieval town with houses dating back to the 13th or 14th century with solar panels. Cool.

Other than that an uneventful and easy ride to my hotel in Düsseldorf. Tomorrow, on to Essen and to meet and stay with my relatives Uli and Monika Kettler.

Gute Nacht meine familie und freunde!

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  1. Hey Kirk,
    It’s been busy times this past few weeks, but finally getting around to reading your blog about your awesome (Rad, hehe) biking adventure!) What a treat! It sounds like you’ve been having a great time, and it’s been interesting learning more about Germany. The Relive videos are pretty great, although I feel like I wish it would go a bit slower and give me some time to orient myself and figure out what’s happening. The background music is also occasionally REALLY epic. Anyways, keep up the good work! Your writing is well researched, and it’s clear you’re putting a lot of work into it.
    Inspired for a biking adventure!

  2. Thanks Joming!
    I can’t control the speed of the videos including how fast the photos show up. At least, I don’t think I can…

    I’m trying to post photos to the photo section, though they lack context.

    I just found an app that stitches together all your Strava routes from a certain date range into one large bike ride. It worked for this trip… I may do that and try to figure out how to add it to the Home Page map.

    Or just post as an image.

    Thanks for checking this out. Hope all is well in Vancouver!

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