Day 13: Haltern am See to Kamen


To My Grandmother´s Hometown

(Saturday – June 16th, 2018)

August Muecher (with mustache) and his wife. To their right, our left, the young blonde girl is my grandmother, Martha (Muecher) Rappe.

Today I biked from Haltern am See to Kamen, the hometown of my grandmother. My father´s mother, Martha (Muecher) Rappe was born in Kamen to August Muecher and his wife.

August was a coal miner and worked in the mine just east of Kamen (Monopol). I don´t recall the year, but the family moved to Argentina when my grandmother was a little girl (see the photo below).




Kamen: Our home and living house. The ¨x¨ on the house in the middle of the photo is the house I visited today.


My grandmother, Martha (Muecher) Rappe.

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  1. Hi Sander,
    No I’ve visited the house before, with my dad in 1994 when I was 15. But still nice to see again.

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