Day 15: Lippstadt to Paderborn and on to Bad Wildungen

Lippstad to Paderborn (and by car to Bad Windungen)
(Monday, June 18, 2018)

This morning I met up with Ortwin, a friend of Julie and Dick Tennie from Wisconsin (they are aunt and uncle to my good friend Chris Tennie). Ortwin and I left Lippstadt and followed my Komoot app route along the Römer-Lippe Route. It was a meandering route, but we saw some baby sheep, talked in German about bicycling and travels, and finally had lunch in Paderborn. I saw the Paderborn Dom (Cathederal) and then met up with Ortiwn in his car. Ortwin biked back to Lippstadt to pick up his car and in a few hours drove us both back to his house in Bad Wildungen.
Ortwin´s wife, Grunhild, made dinner which was quite ¨lecker,¨ and we talked about their upcoming trip to the United States to drive around Lake Superior with Dick and Julie.
Tomorrow, Ortwin will show me the old town of Bad Wildungen and the pumped-hydro dam at the Edersee, which I am quite interested in seeing.
Schlaf gut meine Freunde!

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  1. Dick & I are so glad we could connect you with Ortwin & Gunhild! They are life long friends of ours who now travel with us most summers! Our friendship spans almost 40 years! Our favorite part of traveling is being able to spend time in the home of someone else! We enjoy learning about their customs and daily life. By doing so, we have learned how similar we all are! Looks like you have had that opportunity on this trip.

  2. Hi Kirk — does your friend Ortwin have a nickname for his wife Grunhilde? Is it ‘Hilde’ for short, for example?

    That’s a lovely name. Germanic as they get, you could say.

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