Bicycle Routes:

The European Union’s Rhine Cycle Route Website Overview of the entire Rhine Cycleway from Andermatt, the source of the Rhine, to the North Sea. 

The Romer-Lippe Bicycle Route Website – The Official German website for the Roman/Lippe River Cycle Route from Xanten to Paderborn and beyond.

Cycling in Germany – General overview of bicycling in Germany from the German Tourism Office.

German Cycling Guidance (in case you want to do this too!):

Bicycle Germany Start Page My main resource for planning my packing, routes, and learning the unique bicycle signs in Germany.

History Websites and Museums:

Exploring the Limes GermanicusExcellent website discussing the ancient Roman fortifications separating the Roman Empire from the barbarian German lands east of the Rhine River.

Roman-German Museum in Cologne – Looking forward to visiting this museum in the shadow of the Cologne (Koln) Cathedral.

Archäologicher Park Xanten – Roman colony city from the 1st to 4th century C.E. now excavated, some parts restored, and turned into an outdoor museum about this Roman City on the Rhine.

Roman Fort Museum SaalburgAnother destination I hope to visit. A reconstructed Roman fort northeast of Frankfurt.

Castles on the Rhine – A website with information on all the castles on the middle Rhine.

Festung Ehrenbreitstein (Fortress Ehrenbreitstein) – Offical website for the fortress Ehrenbreitstein completed in 1834 by the Prussians.

Haus Der Geschichte Der Bundesrepublik Deutchland (Museum of History of the Federal Republic of Germany) – Excellent museum on the history of West Germany and now the reunited Germany, since 1945.

Gasometer Oberhausen (Gas Holder in Oberhausen)A 385 feet tall industrial gas holder turned into a space for cultural and art exhibits. Near Essen.